Solo Show at Blue Gallery in Kansas City

I’ve been working towards a solo show opening soon in Kansas City, at the beautiful Blue Gallery.  Kelly Kuhn, owner and director of the gallery, came out for a studio visit and selected from a massive amount of work I’d prepared for the show.  Her selections were brilliant, pulling from multiple palettes, sizes and expressions, to create an exciting body of work for the show.  A team of us prepared the work for display, building heavy duty frames, stretching, wrapping and delivering.



One of the larger pieces, shown below, is 12′ wide.  It’s hard to comprehend on a computer screen because of it’s scale and density.  Titled “By the Light of the Silvery Moon”.


This tall vertical is titled “Seventh Voyage”, and to me calls up wild seas and high adventure:


This painting “Inner Outer” has a sort of blackboard look, the paint having been mixed with powdered graphite, for a marvelous light drinking background, making the marks that live there seem animated.


I like to work freely, with boundless imagery and tone, so that the paintings develop in surprising ways.  This bright red piece is titled “Sing Sing’s Café”.  For me, this piece is crisp and fresh.  Those silvery white marks are slightly metallic, and have a sheen.


Here’s one more – a series of much smaller paintings to form a set, titled “Swan Series – Kabir”.  It was inspired by a poem from a 15th century poet named Kabir.  I was steeped in his writings this summer.  The poem is shown below the image, handwritten on paper.


If you’re in the area, please come by and see the show!  I’ll be there September 6th, from 6-9 p.m. for the opening, and will be talking about the work at 7 p.m.