Pattern, Painting and a Pig

While painting these last few weeks, there was no concept of architecture, a wet spring snow, an old Ford grill, or a pig in a pen, but those images are all imbedded in recent memory, and have shown up on canvas.  Simple snapshots that caught my eye, as well as the more laborious and focused photographs of finished work, were all nestled together on my computer by date, and inspired this piece on visual process.


The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, the Pig, and Dissolution Part I


Series Sixty Six - Dissolution Resolution 68x66 copy



The Ford, the Galvanized, and detail of Linear Series – Shadow Barcode and the Ford.


Linear Series - Shadow Bar Code 50x66



And lastly, the New Yorker, the Chair and detail of the Chandelier Series – 57th and 6th



Chandelier Series - 57th and 6th detail 52x44 copy