New Work – Other Places

New Work – Other Places

Our intellect and imagination allow us to experience other places in space and time.  This body of work titled Other Places metaphorically reveals what has recently been sources of fascination and wonder.

Atmosphere was painted during a fascination with Saturn’s stunning, untouched  moons that were photographed by the now deceased satellite Cassini. How amazing that we can now see into our universe!

The softly blurred and focused images in Between Now and Then seem to be forming and disappearing, offering to me the sense of the ever changing nature of the universe, both seen and unseen.

Plato’s Island references the imagination of the great Greek philosopher and writer, Plato, in many forms, both the physical manifestations as well as the dreamlike quality of his complex thoughts.

Diving delves into water, thought, presence, and feels both ethereal and effervescent.


Photo credit:  E.G. Schempf