Kabir’s Lyrics

I recently picked up a book of Kabir’s Ecstatic Poems and became very involved with them and what they incited when I allowed them to percolate through my being.  This series was deeply influenced by these poems and are titled by snippets of his poems.  Kabir was a 15th century poet who transcended the constraints of religious dogma or another, awakening to wholeness and unity.  He often sang his poems.

This body of work will be included in a solo show at the Madison Gallery in Solana Beach, CA opening August 4, 2018.  Each painting is 54×40

The River Gives Itself to the Ocean

Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Space

The Woman Has Heard the Flute

The Rain Bird is Thirsty

Poet’s Song


The World is Breathing

Come Forward With the Light