Everything Feels New

Everything feels new this year.

Coming home from 3 weeks in Florida’s lush environment in January, and landing in the midwest, there was an extreme shift of color.   Moving from rich greens and blues and sunshine, to the subtle colors of the midwest – gray skies, bare trees, fields covered in snow, vast flocks of migrating snow geese – translated into felt space.   I could feel a deep shift nosing around internally.  Withdrawing from the rest of the world entirely, I planted myself in the studio, forms and marks emerged moving through the quiet aliveness of white or even unpainted, raw canvas.

These first two could work as a diptych.  They are each around 100″ wide.


The March winds came through with a vengeance.  It was tumultuous within and without.  This triptych is titled “Out of Chaos Comes Movement and Clarity”.

It seems apparent that spring is finally breaking through.


The winds have settled.  Below, titled Music of the Inner Universe.  It is 20′ wide.