Big Historical Paintings


My painting process is rather journalistic, laying down everything that comes from within onto canvas.  Necessarily, given the delicacy of this raw canvas staining technique, there are paintings that go too far, and aren’t workable anymore.  I became interested in the idea of repurposing all of these canvases together to create two gargantuan canvas, onto which I could create an historical imagery piece that would lay over all those years of older work.  My studio assistant, Cassie Rhodes, went to work, “pasting” them together with a gel medium to form two 8’x30′ canvas.  These individual canvases started out loaded up with paint, by the time I painted into them, working outdoors, they were incredibly heavy!  Moving them inside (a storm was moving in) while they were still wet, and then pinning to the wall, became a strategy.

The moving canvas is Life So Far #2, the pinned painting on the wall is Life So Far #1.  Both are in process.

Big Painting