Back to Tree Skeletons and Monotones

It’s shocking to be back in the Midwest.  The north wind blows through wool layers, the trees are bare and there are only the palest hues.  There’s been one hoary frost, that reminds me of winter’s beauty.

february 1, 2010 023Usually cold weather elicits a warm palette in the studio for balance, but right now, maybe just in the transition, it feels insincere.  The monotones are reflected in the studio.

IMG_1710A trip to the Bloch Building at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, offered a quick transformation.  Walking into the building is to be enveloped within a many hued white sculpture.  As always, spending time in front of William Baziotes’ Crescent,  reaches deeply into the warmth of being.  The tag describing it, is pure nourishment for a cold February day.,

IMG_3285The next morning, a little shadow and light feels like a visual ballet.

IMG_2708The beach is the barest memory…

Vignette - Shore Bird Study 8x12